Friday, June 23, 2017

LLL mtg-Sleep & Other Challenges

At our next morning meeting we will be discussing that precious commodity for all parents--Sleep. There are as many sleep philosophies and set-ups as there are babies. Come share ideas of what has worked for your family, struggles you face, and an open heart for commiseration. There are many challenges that can go along with nighttime nursing issues, so bring all of your questions and ideas!

We're looking forward to sharing in your sleep triumphs and challenges, as well as your breastfeeding questions, concerns, and successes.

10:15am Tuesday, June 27

Harris Branch Library
51446 Elm Road

Sunday, June 18, 2017

LLL Mtg--Fussy Babies: Myths and Misconceptions

Have you ever felt like your baby might be colicky? fussy? high needs? Or do you dread the question from well-meaning grannies at the post office: "Is s/he a Good Baby?" Many breastfeeding mothers are surprised by how "needy" our babies are...until we compare notes with other families! 

At next week's meeting we'll talk about how our babies might not match our (or society's) expectations. We'll discuss what kind of myths and misconceptions are floating around about babies and breastfeeding, and how to remain confident in our parenting choices. We'll also share techniques we've found to help our babies and ourselves move through some of the tougher times.

There will also be time to share breastfeeding questions, concerns, and successes!

See you at 10am Tuesday, June 20
Sunnyside Presbyterian Church 
115 S. Francis St. South Bend, IN

The always straight-to-the-point Milk Meg takes on a myriad of ways breastfeeding is used as a scapegoat:

Here's some info about high need babies from the always-supportive and understanding Dr. Sears:

Wondering if and how you need to change your diet as a breastfeeding mother? Not as much as you may have been told!

Quick ideas for fussy times:

Here are some common myths that can dissuade women from breastfeeding:
Bulleted list:

Sunday, June 11, 2017

LLL Evening Meeting

IMG_6551.JPGJoin us Tuesday, June 13 at 7 pm at the River Park Branch Library.  The topic will be sleep and other challenges. Bring your baby along with any other questions you may have.

Also, feel free to enter the St. Joseph County Breastfeeding Coalition Annual Beautiful Baby Photo Contest.  It is an annual fundraiser for the coalition:

All babies 24 months and under are eligible. Please include with your entry:
Mom’s name and contact number
Baby’s first name and age
Online entries must be submitted by: Tuesday June 27, 2017.
Photo entries must be submitted to:

Late entries will be accepted at the fair, please bring photo to the Lactation Station. Winners will be notified by phone. Photos will be on display at the Lactation Station in the Hoosier Tire Commercial Building during the St. Joseph County 4-H Fair June 30th - July 08th 2017. Votes are $1 each or 6 Votes for $5, must attend 4H-Fair to vote.

Friday, June 2, 2017

LLL playgroup!

Last month was a rainy one, but we're hopeful that next week we'll be meeting up at the park! Parkovash is a quiet little park with room for mamas to walk around with their wee ones snuggled, toddlers to run, climb, and swing, and nice shady spots for babies and mamas to sit and visit. Come on out and join us--no baby is too young for a mama to benefit from a playgroup! (Even the ones still in utero!)
Jessica and Juniper will be on hand to welcome you.
(In case of rain or cold, we will again move to the Main Library Children's Services!)

See you on Tuesday, June 6, between 10am-noon
Parkovash Park
277 Parkovash Avenue
South Bend, Indiana 46617

Saturday, May 20, 2017

LLL mtg-Travelling & Family Relations

At our next meeting we'll share our ideas about dealing with summer as parents of littles. Do you have tips for fielding family questions/opinions about parenting and breastfeeding choices? Traveling with babies and children? Keeping ourselves and our kids healthy in the midst of sweets and germs?  Trying to maintain some semblance of routine amongst the craziness?

Of course we will always have time for concerns you might have and insights you'd like to share, along with general chatting, support, and  library perusal.

We're looking forward to seeing you at 10:15am Tuesday, May 23

Harris Branch Library
51446 Elm Road
Granger, IN 46530

**Photo courtesy of**

Here is some lovely language for extended family from The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding:

Some nice go-tos for handling unwanted advice:

And these are some ideas of ways for Dad to bond with baby without a bottle--equally great to share with Grandma!

Traveling tricks & tips from other LLL mamas:

Ideas for nursing in hot weather:

In case you find yourself fielding questions about benefits of continued breastfeeding:

La Leche League of South Bend

A donation will be made to our group when you shop on Amazon if you click here: 
Check out our wishlist to donate a book to our group libraries!

Friday, May 12, 2017

LL Mtg--Babywearing!

**We will soon only be sending out meeting notices via Google Groups. Please join us at!forum/lalecheleagueofsb **

Hello Mamas!
What do you love about wearing your baby or toddler? What type of carrier have you always wanted to try? Is there a tricky back or side carry you need demonstrated? At the next La Leche League meeting some of the more experienced babywearers in our group will be ready to demonstrate and assist with hands-on practice. Bring your carriers and try ours! We'll have ring slings, pouches, knit & woven wraps, soft structured carriers, and more.

Of course we always have space for your breastfeeding questions, concerns, and successes.

See you Tuesday, May 16 @10am
Sunnyside Presbyterian Church
115 S. Frances St.
South Bend, IN 46617

An important rundown on safe babywearing

Here is an article about the drawbacks of over-using strollers and carseats:
and an article on the health and development differences between babywearing and carseat carrying:

Here are some fun photos of babywearing from around the world:

Who could resist a gallery of babywearing daddies?

And some perspective on the myriad benefits of babywearing:

And a clear, to the point breakdown of different carriers, including directions for making your own!

La Leche League of South Bend

A donation will be made to our group when you shop on Amazon if you click here: 
Check out our wishlist to donate a book to our group libraries!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

LLL Evening Meeting- Becoming a Mother

mer-wearing-opal.jpgJoin us Tuesday, May 9 at 7 pm, River Park Branch Library, to share your thoughts on becoming a mother.  For some of you it will be your first mother's day next week.  How has your life changed since having your baby?  How do you find time to care for yourself when there is someone who needs so much of your time?  Expectant mothers and babies are welcome. Come share your thoughts, questions and concerns.