We are La Leche League of South Bend and we have three informal meetings a month and one playgroup.

We are a community of mothers helping mothers as we explore all topics related to breastfeeding; the good, the bad and the ugly! So whether you are pregnant and looking for information, a new mother struggling to learn the art of breastfeeding or an experienced mother seeking support and camaraderie, we are here to help give information and support.

The meetings are free and open to all women and their young children.

Friday, September 12, 2014

LLL meeting-Starting Solids/Family Nutrition!

Are you thinking about starting solids? Wondering about how best to care for your own nutritional needs as a nursing mother? Dealing with a picky toddler or preschooler? This month's morning meeting will be all about introducing first foods and encouraging nutritious eating as our children grow. Come with questions or experiences to share. 

As always, we will have time for any breastfeeding concerns you may have.

Looking forward to seeing you at 10am on Tuesday, September 16
Sunnyside Presbyterian Church
115 S. Frances St.
South Bend, IN 46617

**Beginning this month, our 4th Tuesday meeting will no longer be at Women's Care Center--we will now meet at Harris Branch Library in Granger. All of our other locations remain the same. You are all welcome to join us at any and all meetings, and invite friends!!! http://lllofsouthbend.blogspot.com/p/meetings.html **

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Evening Meeting Tuesday 9/9

Bring your baby and your favorite baby wearing device. Come and share how to wear your favorite baby sling or carrier to other mothers at our meeting Tuesday evening at 7 pm, River Park Branch Library.  Of course bring along any breastfeeding questions you have as well.

Friday, August 29, 2014

LLL Playgroup!

It's time once again for the La Leche League monthly playgroup! We'll be at the park on Tuesday, where there is room for mamas to walk around with their wee ones snuggled in slings, toddlers to run, climb, and swing, and nice shady spots for babies and mamas to sit and visit. Sarah and little Alice will be there to greet you and let you know you're in the right place. Come on out and join us--no baby is too young for a mama to benefit from a playgroup! (Even the ones still inutero!) 

See you on Tuesday, September 2, between 10am-noon
Parkovash Park
277 Parkovash Avenue
South Bend, Indiana 46617

Friday, August 22, 2014

LLL mtg-Birth & Early Days with Baby

This week we are going to talk about birth and early days with baby. How did your birth experience(s) affect breastfeeding? What would you change if you could? What would you recommend to other mothers?

And what about the early days after your baby was born--what surprised you? What do wish you would have known? How can we advocate for the best kind of support for our new families?

Bring ideas of local resources, supportive ears, and open minds as we come together to share our perspectives on these powerful topics.

As always, we will have room for your breastfeeding questions, concerns, and successes!

10am Tuesday, August 26
Women's Care Center
360 N. Notre Dame Ave. (where it intersects with La Salle Ave.)
South Bend, Indiana 46617

**This will be our last meeting at Women's Care Center--beginning next month our 4th Tuesday meeting will be at the Harris Branch Library in Granger. http://lllofsouthbend.blogspot.com/p/meetings.html**

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lactation Station

The Lactation Station at ArtBeat today, 8/16/14
will be on Michigan St. between Washington and Colfax, on the east side of the street.  ArtBeat is opem from noon to 8 pm.  Come say hello!

Friday, August 15, 2014

LLL mtg-Sleep & Other Challenges

At our next morning meeting we will be discussing that precious commodity for all parents--Sleep. There are as many sleep philosophies and set-ups as there are babies. Come share ideas of what has worked for your family, struggles you face, and an open heart for commiseration. 

We have several books in the LLL library you may want to check out, including the brand new LLL books written by the women who brought you the most recent edition of "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding": "Sweet Sleep:Nighttime and Naptime Strategies for Breastfeeding Families". We're really excited about this book--it is so helpful and truthful in a way that no other sleep book has been brave enough to be before. We also have other favorites: Dr. Sears's "Nighttime Parenting: How to Get Your Baby and Child to Sleep" and Dr. McKenna's "Sleeping with Your Baby: A Parent's Guide to Cosleeping, Whether you do it occasionally or every night, do it safely."

I'm looking forward to hearing your sleep successes and challenges, as well as your breastfeeding questions, concerns, and successes.

10am Tuesday, August 19

Sunnyside Presbyterian Church
115 S. Frances St.
South Bend, IN 46617

Here is information and resources from LLLI about the new book: http://www.llli.org/sweetsleepbook

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Evening Meeting, 8/12, 7 pm, River Park Branch Library

 With fall coming, many of you are returning to work.. Can you work and breastfeed?  Yes you can!  For those of you going back to work, come listen to our more experienced mothers share how they have made it work for them.  Babies welcome.