Friday, March 22, 2013

Dads and other Breastfeeding Partners

Mamas and babies can't breastfeed alone! We need a support network of those closest to us to help us make sure we are cared for as we care for our babies. Dads and other Partners can protect us from criticism, keep us fed, help us get help if and when we need it, and be our biggest cheerleaders during tough times. At our next meeting we'll share experiences and wishes for how we can create the most breastfeeding-friendly team between ourselves, our babies, and the other adults in our lives. 

As always, we will have room for your 
breastfeeding questions, concerns, and successes.

See you on Tuesday, March 26 at 10am
Women's Care Center
360 N. Notre Dame Ave. (where it intersects with La Salle Ave.)
South Bend, Indiana 46617