Friday, January 31, 2014

LLL playgroup!

Are we jinxing the weather by stating that we'll have playgroup next week? Think positively, right? Happily, the Humphrey's room is big, so those toddlers who have been cooped up in all this cold will have room to move. Olivia, our playgroup host, has recommended that we have a start time of 10:15, since the library opens at 10. That way you won't have to wait outside in the cold, and will have a chance to pop upstairs to borrow books and toys if you like. Those of you with tiny babes or babes still in utero, please know that this playgroup is for you too! Support from other mothers is what we're all about:)

Tuesday, February 4 between 10:15 and noon
304 South Main Street 
South Bend, Indiana 46601 
Humphreys Multimedia Room: