Friday, June 30, 2017

LLL Playgroup!

Yes, it'll be the 4th, but if you are free in the morning, come on over to enjoy support and camaraderie from others who are enduring daily fireworks with their babies! 
Parkovash is a quiet little park with room for parents to walk around with their wee ones snuggled, toddlers to run, climb, and swing, and nice shady spots for babies and parents to sit and visit. Come on out and join us--no baby is too young for a mama to benefit from a playgroup! (Even the ones still in utero!)
Jessica and Juniper will be on hand to welcome you.
(In case of rain or cold, we will move to the Main Library Children's Services!)

See you on Tuesday, July 4, between 10am-noon
Parkovash Park
277 Parkovash Avenue
South Bend, Indiana 46617