Friday, July 19, 2013

Taking Care of Ourselves as We Become Mothers

At our next meeting we're going to explore our feelings about the intense transition to becoming a Mother. This new role can surprise us, rock us to our cores, and bore us silly, all in the space of an hour. How do we reconcile the popular image of the Super Mom with our own daily realities? And how about caring for ourselves in ways that don't disregard the needs of our babies and toddlers? What are some successes you've found for safe ways to exercise, eat well, sleep enough, and bring baby along for the ride? Come ready to seek comfort in those who understand, and share ideas and strategies to share. (Even how to get that elusive shower!)

How has this transition to motherhood been for you? What has helped you through it? How have you structured your time and home to fit your changing self and growing family? Join us on Tuesday to share these thoughts and others.
And we always make space for any other breastfeeding concerns or questions you may have!

See you Tuesday, July 23 at10am
Women's Care Center
360 N. Notre Dame Ave. (where it intersects with La Salle Ave.)
South Bend, Indiana 46617