Friday, January 13, 2012

Babywearing Meeting!

This month's La Leche League morning meeting topic is Babywearing!

What do you love about wearing your baby or toddler? What type of carrier have you always wanted to try?
Is there a tricky back or side carry you need demonstrated? Then this meeting is for you! And for the babywearing pros among us, this is an opportunity to share the love and spread your wisdom:) Please bring your carriers and try ours! We'll have ring slings, pouches, Mobys, woven wraps, ergos, and more.

Of course we always have space for your breastfeeding questions, concerns, and successes.

See you this Tuesday, January 17 @10am
Sunnyside Presbyterian Church
115 S. Frances St.
South Bend, IN 46617

Babywearing always makes me a little link-happy--check these out if you get the chance!
Here are some fabulous photos of babywearing through the ages and across the world:

And a fabulous babywearing modern dance from France--watch all the way through if you want to be totally impressed by these mamas dancing while breastfeeding!

I can never get enough of babywearing daddies:

And here's our little album on our Facebook page: